Reduce Your Risk of an Ankle Sprain

By St Helena Sports Medicine
May 15, 2017


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Your ankle is the most common area to experience a sprain, and most ankle sprains take place during activities that are sports-related. Walking or running on an uneven surface can trigger a sprain, as can twisting your ankle, falling, or landing awkwardly on your foot when jumping. Determining if your ankle is sprained depends largely on how badly your ligaments are stretched or torn. The most common signs are pain and tenderness, bruising, numbness swelling, and being unable to bear weight. To ensure that you’re doing everything you can to prevent an ankle sprain (or a repeat sprain), check out the following important tips:

Choose the Right Shoes

The right footwear makes all the difference when it comes to reducing the risk of an ankle sprain. Proper shoes help support your foot and lower leg when engaging in physical activity, as well as stabilize your ankle and provide the right amount of cushion. When the treat of your shoes wears out, or if the heels wear down, replace them with a new pair to make sure your ankle is getting enough support.

Warm Up the Right Way

Anytime you’re about to engage in strenuous activity, warming up beforehand is a must. Even a 10-minute warmup can raise your body's core and muscle temperature to help loosen muscles. If you’re about to engage in a more involved, competitive sport, take the time to warm up even longer.

Exercise Your Ankles

Ankle strength is key to preventing an ankle sprain, and exercising your ankle regularly can make them stronger and more resistant to injury. Try balancing on one leg and bending your knee slightly for up to 30 seconds, and then change feet and repeat the exercise when the time is up. Ankle circles are also a beneficial way to exercise your ankle. Sit on the ground with your legs bent in front of you, and then cross one leg over the other and move your raised ankle in a circular motion clockwise and then counter clockwise.

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