Elbow Injuries

6 Effective Ways to Treat Tennis Elbow

By St Helena Sports Medicine
February 15, 2017

When you have tennis elbow, you experience pain around your elbow and forearm which is generally caused by injury or overuse. This can impact your ability to move your hands or wrists normally. While tennis elbow is most common in tennis players, other sports can also bring on this condition, including squash or racquetball. But ... read more

Golfer’s Elbow Isn’t Just for Linksters

By St Helena Sports Medicine
November 15, 2016

If you’re a golfer you likely have many things that cause you irritation: slices, bad sand play, chunked chips, yipped putts…and pain on the inside of your elbow. While the team at Sports Medicine of Napa Valley can’t do a whole lot about those chunked chips we can help you with that elbow. What you’re ... read more

Treatment and After-care for Tommy John Surgery

By editor
September 15, 2015

Tommy John surgery, or ulnar collateral ligament construction, is a surgical procedure where a replacement of a ligament in one's elbow is done with the help of a tendon taken from another parts of the body such as hamstring, forearm or foot. This surgical procedure was developed for the pitcher Tommy John by Dr. Frank ... read more