Sports Injuries

How You Can Exercise While Injured

By St Helena Sports Medicine
August 15, 2018

Imagine going to the gym on crutches and hobbling up to a machine. You’re going to get some looks, but if you know what you’re doing then it’s okay. But you must be careful and do your research before you get antsy and drive to your favorite gym or facility, ready to push yourself. If ... read more

Ready, Set, Whoa!

By St Helena Sports Medicine
March 15, 2018

As winter fades away and temperatures get warmer, you may be thinking about getting more active to enjoy the weather. Before you rush out to enjoy the outdoors, give your body a little time and attention to adjust to the changing seasons. Rushing into an active lifestyle after being idle can lead to shoulder impingement, ... read more

Swimming is Not as Injury-Free as you May Think

By St Helena Sports Medicine
August 15, 2017

Health and wellness have become an important topic of discussion among people of all ages in recent years. From childhood all the way through our senior years, we do ourselves an enormous favor by staying active. Whether as a preference or due to limited physical ability, many people choose to get their workout on in ... read more

Tackling Football Injuries Head On

By St Helena Sports Medicine
September 15, 2016

It’s football season! And if you’re an active participant in this contact sport, you know how much wear and tear your body endures for the good of the game. Unfortunately, football injuries can happen anywhere on the body, regardless of protective equipment, and there are certain ones that rise to the top time and again. ... read more

Preventing Sports Injuries: What You Need to Know

By St Helena Sports Medicine
May 15, 2016

Playing sports competitively or for fun is an excellent way to keep you in good physical condition. And if you’re injured, time away from the game is no fun. Consider these guidelines to avoid being sidelined with an injury: Warm Up A proper warm up is critical to injury prevention. Warming up increases blood flow ... read more