5 Foods for Healthy Bones

By St Helena Sports Medicine
June 15, 2016

Strong bones are essential to healthy living. And as you age, you begin to lose bone mass, making it more important than ever to do whatever you can to prevent fractures and osteoporosis (or brittle bone disease.) One of the best ways to make sure your bones stay strong and healthy is by taking in plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Consuming these nutrient-rich foods will start you on the path to better bone health now and into the future.

Milk is packed with vitamin D and consuming one glass will also give you one-third of your daily dose of calcium. Eating egg yolks will also provide you with a small percentage of your daily vitamin D.  In addition, yogurt is vitamin D fortified, and cheese is rich in calcium. Just 1.5 ounces of cheddar or swiss can give you 30% of your daily value.

Leafy Greens
If you’re not a fan of dairy, that’s okay. Green, leafy vegetables like spinach, collard greens, broccoli and kale are also a great way to get calcium. As an added bonus, spinach is also rich in fiber, iron and vitamin A.

Salmon and tuna are chock full of omega-3 fatty acids. Just one 3-ounce piece of sockeye salmon provides more than 100% of your daily dose of vitamin D, and three ounces of tuna gives you nearly half of your daily dose. Canned sardines are also rich in both vitamin D and calcium.

Orange Juice
There are several brands of orange juice available that are fortified with calcium or vitamin D. And the ascorbic acid in orange juice has also been known to help absorb calcium.

Sweet Potatoes
In addition to calcium and vitamin D, magnesium and potassium also help keep your bones healthy. Maintaining a balanced level of magnesium helps to sustain your balance of vitamin D, and potassium helps neutralize acid in your body that can otherwise draw calcium out of your bones. Eating sweet potatoes is an excellent way to get these two important nutrients.

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