5 Ways to Prevent Exercise Injuries

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June 25, 2013

Anyone who has been injured while working out can agree that it is not an enjoyable experience.  Injuries can impede on an exercise regimen, and even interfere with daily life. There are a number of ways to get them, including overdoing a particular activity, performing an activity incorrectly, or picking the wrong activity for your fitness level or body type.

The looming threat of a possible fitness injury can cause a degree of fear in some people undertaking any physical activity. For others, the risk is either ignored or unknown. Being excessively careful or not careful enough can both be dangerous as well, and are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s learn about some of the correct methods of preventing exercise injuries below.

5 Ways to Prevent Exercise Injuries

  1. Be aware of your limitations. Everyone’s body is different and has a specific set of needs. Pushing too hard in an area that may be weak for you can result in serious complications, like various fitness injuries.
  2. Get professional help. A certified trainer can teach you how to properly perform certain activities, helping you when you do them on your own.  It's important to find a professional that you are comfortable with and who doesn't push you past your limits, as they can help you perfect a workout routine for your individual body type and needs.
  3. Know your age. As you get older, your body develops more limitations.  It's easy to participate in activities longer than you should, but this can stress your body past its limits. Pushing yourself like a 20 year old when you’re 40 can put you at a greatly increased risk for injuries.
  4. Warm up. Warming up allows the muscles to handle more stress, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, warm up exercises can help to increase blood circulation, help your ligaments and tendons to become more flexible, and more.
  5. Break it up. Try not to repeat the same exercises over and over. Tired, overworked muscles mean a greater risk for injury, so varying the part of the body you’re focusing on is essential. Working out every day is acceptable, but only if the muscles that are being used have gotten adequate rest and recovery.

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