How to Start Exercising again After an Injury

By St Helena Sports Medicine
February 15, 2018

General Procedures Napa CAOne of the most difficult parts of dealing with a physical injury is having patience with the healing process. The New Year predictably ushers in a massive uptick in gym memberships and workout clothing purchases. But what if you are just getting back into exercise after an injury? How can you resume your former physical activity without getting reinjured? Even if you have the motivation to jump-start a serious fitness routine now that you’re healed, there are a few things you should take into consideration before you hit the gym or the track. Let’s discuss three points to help you get back to your regular fitness routine.

Get approval from your doctor

Are you sure you’re ready? Even if you feel completely capable of participating in your former fitness activities, you need to get approval from your doctor first. If you have been meeting with a sports medicine specialist, ask them as well. They will know the right movements to help you continue to strengthen your injured area. Unless the pain, swelling, and stiffness from your injury have dramatically improved, you should refrain from returning to any sports or physical fitness activities for the time being. If you accidentally push your body too hard, you will make the injury worse and extend your recovery time.

Be mentally prepared

Once your doctor has given you the approval to participate in physical fitness activities, take some time to consider the following: why did you get your injury in the first place? Did you push your body too far? Were you wearing the correct protective gear? Even if you did not do anything “wrong,” there might still be a lesson to learn from your injury, which will help you avoid future mishaps.

Start out slow

Even if you used to run 8 miles a day or could mountain bike all afternoon, post-injury is not the time to be setting new records for yourself. Take it easy. Remind yourself that eventually, you will get back to the stamina and strength you had before your mishap.

Arrange a consultation

For more information about injury recovery and prevention, contact Napa Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics to arrange an appointment. You can contact our office in Napa, California at 707-258-2547.

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