Shoulder Injuries In Sports

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May 5, 2015

Shoulder injuries are not uncommon occurrences in sports, but timely diagnosis and treatment of the injury can help prevent the condition from elevating and the development of subsequent injuries. Based on how serious or minor the condition is, the medical practitioner decides on whether a surgical or non-surgical approach better suits the treatment plan for the athlete.

Symptoms of shoulder injuries

Joint dislocation: This usually occurs when the the arms are outstretched at the time of impact, causing the rounded head portion of the arm to be rotated over or dislodged from its position in the socket. The individual experiences discomfort and pain while moving the arms, and cannot move the arms completely. A tingling sensation may be present in the hands, and spasm while moving arms.

AC Joint sprain: This condition occurs when the acromioclavicular joint which holds the collar bone and the shoulder blade together gets sprained. Alongside pain and discomfort in arm movements, a swelling may be visible on the upper shoulders. In cases where the ligaments have torn completely, the collarbone appears like a small bump on the skin.

Labral tear: The labrum is the cartilaginous tissue that is on the periphery of the shoulder sockets, where the shoulder ligaments and the bicep tendons attach. A tear in the tissue can be detected by the presence of clicking sounds every time the shoulder is moved, along with pain in the core of the shoulders. While the symptoms may not be as easy to identify, athletes may sometimes notice that their shoulder strength or speed capabilities to be deterred in case of a labral tear.

Tendon and rotator cuff injury: The shoulder upper arm's rounded head is kept in place in the shoulder socket with the help of the rotator cuff, In case the tendons associated with the cuff are injured, the individual experiences difficulties while lifting overhead objects.

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