Are You Jonesin’?

By St Helena Sports Medicine
April 15, 2018

Do you have pain on the outside of your foot that makes it hard to walk? You may have a Jones fracture of your fifth metatarsal, the bone that connects your little toe to the ankle. Treatment for a Jones fracture ensures that the bone heals properly and that you do not have any complications in the future.


Stress and Your Metatarsals

The metatarsals of your foot are long, thin bones that help you stabilize and maintain balance. These bones are placed under a great deal of stress when you walk, run and perform other movements. Injuries to these bones can happen gradually or acutely.

Diagnosing a Jones Fracture

We recommend that you be evaluated for any pain that you experience in your foot, but there are some signs that you should see a doctor sooner rather than later. More severe or advanced Jones fractures may lead to:

  • Purple bruising on foot or leg
  • Fever
  • Increased tingling, swelling, pain, and numbness that may affect the foot, leg or ankle

A physical examination may isolate the area where your symptoms originate, but properly diagnosing a Jones fracture requires x-rays and other types of imaging. Soft tissue damage and fractures to other bones are of concern in some cases.

Treatment for a Jones Fracture

Your foot may be put into a cast to help the bone heal without complications. Resting and elevating your foot can expedite the recovery and minimize swelling, bruising and discomfort. The metatarsals take time to heal, so you should be prepared to allow your body the time it needs to repair the fracture. In some cases, surgery may be recommended. The procedure involves installing plates, screws and other medical devices to keep the bone in place and prevent re-injury. Bone grafting is also used in some cases to promote healing.

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Jones Fracture Treatment


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