Top 3 Benefits of Knee Arthroscopy

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April 2, 2014

Knee arthroscopy is a technique used to confirm the diagnosis of and treat injuries within the knee, following a physical examination of the area. This treatment is commonly performed on patients who have been injured during an athletic event, or who have experienced some other type of knee injury, such as an ACL tear. Patients who have mild cases of arthritis can also benefit from this procedure.

Let's take a closer look at some of the biggest advantages of this procedure.

Top 3 Benefits of Knee Arthroscopy

  1. Smaller incisions. This type of procedure is performed through a series of small incisions, which will not be noticeable after surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon will insert the arthroscope (a small camera that's roughly the size of a pen) into your knee. The small camera projects an image onto a TV screen, giving the surgeon an in-depth look at your knee. Using this technique, the surgeon will be better able to easily repair or remove damaged tissue. Once this is complete, the tiny incisions will be closed, and covered with a soft bandage. Most patients will be able to return home the same day as the surgery.
  2. Faster recovery time. Your knee arthroscopy will be performed on an outpatient basis, usually under local anesthesia. The recovery following this procedure requires little downtime, usually about 6 to 8 weeks, as opposed to more traditional knee surgeries, which can take several months to recover from!
  3. Fewer side-effects. Following knee arthroscopy, patients should avoid any strenuous exercise for several weeks. Possible side-effects of this surgery may include swelling, as well as pain or discomfort post-surgery. Placing an ice pack on the knee can help relieve any swelling, while your doctor can prescribe pain medication to help relieve pain or discomfort. Additionally, taking part in a physical therapy program will help restore strength to the muscles of the knees and legs, so that you will feel as good as new!

Knee Arthroscopy in Napa and Vacaville

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