Treating Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tears

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June 14, 2016

The Posterior Cruciate Ligament, or PCL, is a ligament in the knee that interconnects the shin and thigh bones. The PCL is commonly torn due to trauma accidents or sport injuries. A PCL tear often sidelines patients who think that it is just a minor issue with the knee. However, if left untreated it can cause osteoarthritis. Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tear treatments may be recommended by doctors in case you experience symptoms like knee pain, swelling, difficulties in walking, and unstable knee conditions from a PCL tear, after diagnosis.

PCL Tear Treatment

  • Non-surgical methods: Surgery may not be necessary in cases where only the posterior cruciate ligament has been injured. The doctor may suggest that you use crutches to walk around, so the knee is not pressured from a lot of weight. A knee brace may be used to keep the injured knee locked in position. The doctor may recommend physiotherapy sessions alongside, so the knee muscles get stronger and it recovers from the injury.
  • Surgical methods: Surgery is required in cases where the PCL has been torn alongside other ligaments. The doctor may rebuild the torn ligament surgically. The ligament can be rebuilt with the help of tissue grafts, which can either be secured from someone else, or from a healthy part of the body in the same individual. During the recovery period, the patient will be asked to partake in physiotherapy, so that the knee is strengthened and can get back to its form faster. Of course, the duration of the recovery period depends on the surgical procedure, as some of them are minimally invasive while others are not. The average recovery period after PCL surgery is anywhere between six and twelve months.

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