5 Tips on 'Getting Fit' for Seniors

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October 29, 2013

Most of us associate older age with being "retired" not only from work, but from an active, busy lifestyle. However, this is a misconception, since many senior citizens exercise and lead active lifestyles well into their 70s and 80s!

While senior citizens may not be able to do the same intense exercises as someone in their 20s,  low-impact exercises, such as walking, swimming, or yoga, can make a huge difference on your long-term physical and mental health. Exercise is something that people of any age can enjoy, and it's never too late to start.

Here are some exercise tips for senior citizens:

5 Important Exercise Tips for Mature Athletes:

  1. Consult a doctor. Before you begin  any new exercise regimen, consult a medical professional first. They will be able to give you tips on what sort of workout is best for you, and what you should avoid.
  2. Warm up and cool down before your exercise. Many athletes, regardless of age, neglect to do warm up before they exercise. However, a warm up will get your blood flowing, and increase your flexibility. Warming up will also help decrease your chances for injury. After exercise, remember to cool down! Cooling down will help your body recover from the activity and reduce the amount of tension on your muscles.
  3. Listen to your body. People who do not listen to their body put themselves at greater risk for injury. If you feel any pain or discomfort while working out, stop and allow your body to recover. Don't feel as though you need to speed through your workout!
  4. Choose something you enjoy. Exercise should be fun, not boring! Choosing an exercise or activity you enjoy will motivate you to exercise.
  5. Drink fluids. Exercise causes you to sweat, so drinking plenty of fluids is important for athletes of any age -- heat exhaustion can be a major concern, especially for older athletes. Water and sports drinks also replenish essential electrolytes, which are lost during exercise.

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