7 Reasons to Warm Up Before Exercise

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January 15, 2016

There are days when our schedules are so packed that it can be tempting to skip the warm up and dive right into the workout. Make the time! Your warm up is an important part of your exercise routine. Cold muscles are more prone to injury and do not absorb shock or impact as well. When you warm up, you’re helping to protect your body from injuries like a strained hamstring while enabling your body to prepare gradually. Here are 7 important reasons to start out by warming up.

A warm-up will:
- Increase blood flow to your working muscles, preparing them for the impending workout and helping to reduce the likelihood of muscle soreness.
- Lubricate your joints, bringing elasticity to the tissues and helping to reduce the chance of injuries.
- Increase blood flow to the heart, preparing it gradually for increased activity while avoiding a rapid increase in blood pressure.
- Improve reaction time and coordination by speeding up the transmission of nerve impulses.
- Deliver increased oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, helping to reduce shortness of breath.
- Increase body temperature, which enables you to work out longer and harder while reducing the risk for muscle and connective tissue injuries.
- Help prepare you mentally for the workout ahead, getting you ready for a safe and satisfying workout.

Whether you’re doing cardio, strength training, or yoga, a warm-up should be done before each session, and it doesn't have to take a lot of time. Typically, five to 10 minutes is all you need to prepare your body for working out. However, if your workout is going to be more intense, plan to warm up for a longer period of time.

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