Are You Taking Care to Avoid Shoulder Injury?

By St Helena Sports Medicine
September 15, 2017

Shoulder Injury CAWe would all like to avoid injuries to the various parts of our body. At the same time, the majority of us probably forget to take the steps necessary to do so. Let’s look at the shoulders as an example. Every day, the shoulder joint is at work when we lift a glass of water to drink, when we reach our hands out to tap the keys on a keyboard, or to put a dish on the shelf. We don’t expect that any of these tasks will do harm to the shoulder joint, so why worry about something like injury-prevention?

We must think about injury-prevention because shoulder pain can quickly put us on the sidelines.

You don’t have to play a sport to suffer a shoulder injury. Statistics do give the perception that athletes are at a higher risk for joint injuries. However, if you look more closely, those who experience shoulder pain are often the athletes whose shoulder are continually put through the wringer. More than a direct contact type of injury, it is an overuse injury that leads to shoulder pain and immobility.

About that Injury-Prevention

Because the shoulder joint is at risk of injury no matter how athletic you are, there is value in learning how to “warm up” this joint. The fact of the matter is, the shoulder joint is quite complex. There are numerous bones and ligaments and tendons throughout the structure, and strain on any one part could affect the whole. Shoulder stretching is a simple habit that loosens up the muscles that surround the shoulder joint and enables proper movements. Taking a few minutes to roll the neck, roll the shoulders, and reach the hands behind the back can not only decrease the risk of injury but also increase overall comfort as you go about your day.

Knowing when you Need Help

There are a few levels of help that may be needed to minimize shoulder pain if it does occur. One is to have someone assist you in lifting objects overhead, or lifting any heavy object. Another is to rest the shoulder joint by wearing a supportive brace. Finally, chronic shoulder pain needs to be evaluated by your doctor. Proper examination and treatment mitigates the risk of further injury.

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