Preventing Sports Injuries: What You Need to Know

By St Helena Sports Medicine
May 15, 2016

Playing sports competitively or for fun is an excellent way to keep you in good physical condition. And if you’re injured, time away from the game is no fun. Consider these guidelines to avoid being sidelined with an injury:

  1. Warm Up

A proper warm up is critical to injury prevention. Warming up increases blood flow to soft tissue, helping to prevent sprains, strains and tears. Start by stretching or by starting the sport you play slowly, allowing the activity to become more rigorous gradually.

2. Know Your Limits

If you generally participate in sports-related activity only on the weekends, you’re at higher risk for injury. It’s important that you train for the sport you play instead of relying on the sport itself to help you get into shape. Consider conditioning your body with exercises that are specific to the sport you play.

3. Protect Yourself

Safety gear is not just a suggestion. Without protective equipment like a mouth guard, pads or a helmet, for example, you’re putting yourself at greater risk for seriously injuring your knees, hands, teeth and head. Just be sure the safety gear you wear fits you well to ensure the best protection.

4. Don’t Play Through Pain

If you experience strong or sharp pain, don’t ignore it. Pay attention to the warnings signs your body provides. If you feel joint pain, tenderness in a specific area, swelling, limited range of motion, or numbness and tingling, stop your activity and assess whether or not it’s time to seek medical treatment.

5. Take Time to Rest

The more you train doesn’t necessarily equate to better performance. Rest is an essential part of training, helping to make you stronger, prevent fatigue and protect against overusing certain muscles which can lead to injury.

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