Ready, Set, Whoa!

By St Helena Sports Medicine
March 15, 2018

shoulder injury Napa CAAs winter fades away and temperatures get warmer, you may be thinking about getting more active to enjoy the weather. Before you rush out to enjoy the outdoors, give your body a little time and attention to adjust to the changing seasons. Rushing into an active lifestyle after being idle can lead to shoulder impingement, arthritis symptoms, ACL injuries and many other ailments that can have you down for months.

Get the Green Light First

Colder temperatures, holiday eating and enjoying time at home with family takes a toll on our bodies. You may have gained a few pounds, eaten a lot of the wrong foods or become more leisurely in your lifestyle. Before you jump into springtime to escape cabin fever, schedule an appointment with your primary physician. A checkup and some basic bloodwork is a great way to find out where you stand health-wise. Your physician may recommend some changes to your diet and ways that you can increase your activity level safely.

Emerge, Not Surge

You may feel an extreme excitement about having the sunshine on your face, smelling the fresh air and relinquishing the layers of wintertime apparel, but you should quell your enthusiasm somewhat. Think of yourself as a bear coming out of hibernation. You need to slowly emerge from your seasonal den rather than go full force into new activities. We recommend that you begin with some basic stretches each morning, followed by a casual 10-minute walk. You can gradually increase the length and intensity of the activity every few days.

Listen Up

Listen to your body and heed any advice it is giving you. If you wake up exhausted, sore or famished, you should adjust your nutritional intake and activity level accordingly. You may even need to take a day off and relax at home. Pushing your body too far, too soon increases the likelihood of strain injuries, muscle tears and other problems that you would rather avoid.

Has Winter Left You with Aches and Pains? Contact St. Helena Sports Medicine.

Before you jump into spring, contact St. Helena Sports Medicine to schedule a consultation to find out if your aches and pains are caused by shin splints, labral injury, meniscus tears, shoulder instability and other issues. You can call our Napa, California, office directly at (707) 258-2547.

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