Stacey A.

Whole Group
“We trust his advice, his skill and his experience,” said Stacey Alas of Napa. She’s describing the care she and her very active family have received from Stephen Franzino, MD, and the team at Napa Sports Medicine. It’s a subject she knows well. “Dr. Franzino repaired my meniscus, which was damaged from years of sports and dancing. He also repaired my husband Victor’s meniscus. For my daughter Milan, a competitive swimmer, he successfully identified the ankle issues she was facing. And currently, he’s repairing my son Tomas’ shoulder, which was damaged in an accident.” Now that’s what we call a family affair. “Each of us is a living testament to the fabulous work of Dr. Franzino,” said dad Victor, “and we appreciate his integrity. He will not recommend surgery unless absolutely necessary, and he is totally committed to helping patients return to their normal activities.” Experience counts.